How to build the perfect website and mobile app with web development outsourcing

January 10, 2024


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A: There is no ballpark range that can be quoted for building a website or mobile app as pricing can drastically vary depending on multiple factors. For one, the overall complexity of your site or app can heavily influence the skills and infrastructure you need, thereby increasing costs. On the other hand, a simpler micro-site or single-page website may be lighter on the pocket.

Additionally, other variables such as seasonal fluctuations and even SEO may impact web and mobile app development costs, thereby making price quotes highly customised for each business.
A: Yes, many web development and software outsourcing companies offer website hosting as part of their services. While this is often carried out on a reseller basis, it still offers your business the convenience to build and host websites under the care of a single outsourcing provider, thereby justifying costs for the same.
A: Software and web development outsourcing companies that follow Agile project management methodologies can accommodate requirement changes midway along the project, as it enables them to re-prioritise current tasks.

By shifting tasks around to facilitate new functionalities or to account for company/user growth, Agile software outsourcing companies can adapt and deliver high-performance applications that stay in lockstep with your business’s evolving needs.

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