Partnering with IT outsourcing companies for mobile app development? Here are some things to look out for

May 14, 2024


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A: No, software development companies can also work on a nearshoring basis, which means that their teams will be located in closer proximity to your business. If your business teams are keener on having their software outsourcing partners meet them in person, then nearshoring can be a convenient option to encourage collaboration in an environment that feels more in-house, and less virtual.
A: Yes, a combination of software outsourcing models can be used for mobile or software app development; there is no restriction on which models, and how many of these, you can use. It all ultimately depends on the unique requirements of your business, and the software development lifecycle you have going for building your mobile app.

For example, developers, designers and testers in your software outsourcing team could be hired as dedicated team members, while software architects could be hired on a one-off basis. They can either be paid a fixed fee, or by the hour, depending on their skills and what works best for your budget.
A: Many app developers can undertake some cyber security services, such as security assessments. Risk, gap, vulnerability and perimeter assessments are some examples, including security-focused tests such as white box, black box, grey box and penetration testing. However, this depends on the level of expertise your app developers have, and so it is advisable to first ask your software outsourcing agency, if this is possible.

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