Software outsourcing and cloud services: a combined powerhouse that’ll help your business scale

February 20, 2024


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A: Yes, most leading software outsourcing companies today partner with leading cloud service providers, in order to obtain and manage cloud resources for their clientele. If your business already partners with a software outsourcing company to build custom software or other applications, discussing how they can also obtain cloud services on your behalf is a productive discussion to have.

Chances are that they are already doing it, and billing you for usage on a regular basis. Nonetheless, having a discussion on any technicalities or fine print can give your team the clarity they need in terms of what they are paying for, and how much.
A: Many leading software outsourcing companies do offer cybersecurity services together with custom software development. While the development stage may include building the software with a zero-trust and security-first approach, many software outsourcing providers are also able to scale through DevSecOps and SecOps models. This can give businesses the advantage of relying on one flagship service provider for all their software and cybersecurity needs.

If, however, your business already partners with a third-party cybersecurity provider, your software outsourcing company should still be able to collaborate with them as and when needed, in order to ensure optimum cyber protection for your business’s networks and perimeters.
A: Yes, software outsourcing has now become versatile to the point where even small, boutique businesses can use the services provided by a software outsourcing company to build their custom software or application - even from the startup stage. Unlike before, software outsourcing isn’t a service that is only reserved for larger organisations, as the convenience provided by cloud services can now accommodate smaller, bite-sized requirements, or one-off requirements for those that are on a strict budget.

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